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The very latest in skin care technology.
If you think nothing can be done to help combat premature ageing then you are wrong.


Made in Australia

As we progress into our mid 30’s issues like the sun, stress, poor nutrition, pollution etc. begin to damage our skin. Also the number of our skin stem cells which normally would address these problems start declining and the first signs of dreaded premature ageing become very noticeable. This process is regrettably ongoing. The older we get the longer and more difficult it is to reverse the damage. The challenge is therefore to help prevent premature ageing from occurring.

What it contains and how it works

This remarkable anti-ageing serum contains apple stem cells from a rare Swiss apple and is formulated with other valuable contents and liposomes into a unique and prefect delivery system.

This gives us insurance together with the other ingredients to:

Preserve longer our skins youthful appearance.
Introduce anti-ageing benefits never before thought possible.
Deliver natural hydration from Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing oil from Jojoba oil and valuable proteins and peptides from Palmitoyl Tripeptide–5 to the upper skin layers.

Usage: Apply twice daily until fully absorbed. Then apply your favourite moisturiser and sunblock.