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For a beautifully clean and healthy hair and scalp – with special contents to gently exfoliate your scalp and clean out blocked pathways (follicles) which are one of the main causes of hair loss.


Made in Australia

Hair Science

For a good head of long, strong, healthy hair, every hair should grow comfortably and easily through its hair pathway (follicle) until it exits the skin.

Hair problems

The pathway, however, can become blocked and damaged. This can occur through excessive bleaching, chemical perms, relaxers and straighteners, leave-in hair creams, overexposure to the sun and excess oil and sebum. This blockage can cause further damage to the hair and prevent any chance for the hair to survive and grow. The hair is simply not strong enough to push through. This is one of the main causes of hair loss and hair thinning.

How it works – The good news

This unique shampoo and conditioner contains special active contents and granules which will effectively exfoliate and clean away blockages, unwanted particles and sebum from the hair pathways. This provides a clear passage for natural and easy, unrestricted hair growth.

Directions: Shake before use. Shampoo hair while massaging into entire scalp at least twice or even three times weekly instead of, or with, your regular shampoo and conditioner. Rinse well.

Your hair and scalp will be beautifully clean and healthy