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Testimonials and Photos

Before Hair Loss Treatment
before hairloss treatment
During Hair Loss Treatment
During Hairloss treatment
After Hair Loss Treatment
After Hairloss Treatment

The originals of all these photos and testimonials are available for inspection at our head office, together with more!


I recommended to my client to use the Hair Serum with the Shampoo as you suggested. Both her and her husband said they noticed changes and both believe that there has been hair growth and are convinced that the products work effectively.

                                                                           MRS.  L. R. B.

On using these 2 products I have noticed my scalp is no longer flaking or itching and seems to be a lot healthier. When I brush my hair there is significantly less hair fall than previously and I have noticed significant regrowth in the crown area. My hair feels thicker and stronger.

 MRS. R. M.

I got the feedback from the doctors patient saying that she got some young hair growing already after using the Hair Growth Serum for just 3 weeks. She appreciates it very much.


I have noticed that my hair feels thicker and I can see new hair growth where I was thinning a little.

MR. C. C.

I have been using the Sincerity Hair Growth Serum and Sincerity Hair & Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo for 3 weeks now. I am overjoyed with the results and will probably use these products for the rest of my life. I would not hesitate to recommend these products to anyone that is experiencing scalp issues and/or excessive hair thinning or hair fall.

MR. R. M.


I just want to let you know of the great results that I have had from using the Sincerity Hair & Scalp Exfoliating Treatment Shampoo. I have only been using this for about 8 weeks now and the condition of my hair has improved dramatically. My hair feels thicker and healthier already.

MRS. C. W.